Need Kwik Dry For Your Air Duct Cleaning?

Niagara Kwik Dry's air duct cleaning equipment and technology by RotoBrush ensures that we thoroughly clean and sanitize your air duct system. Cleaner air  and a healthy environment for all is our mission.

Air Duct Cleaning Special
Whole House $199 (Up to 10 vents)

Price Includes:
Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Mold Removal
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False Air Duct Cleaning Advertising - Beware!!

Air Duct Cleaning Companies advertise low prices for Duct Cleaning and then up-sell when they get into the home or business. No business can afford to clean a whole house's air ducts properly for only $49.  This scam happened in the United States, but cleaning companies are doing this in Canada as well. Save your health and money by being well-informed and educated before hiring a cleaning company for anything. Ask the right questions first.