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All-Natural Citrus Cleaner with Enzyme to Remove Body Fluids etc.
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MATTRESS CLEANING Company Niagara Kwik Dry

Mattress cleaning is impossible for "steam cleaners", but not for this low moisture carpet cleaning company, Niagara Kwik Dry. Too much water will quickly sink down into the mattress making extraction of all of the moisture impossible, therefore creating optimum conditions for mold and mildew to grow. If this happens, then the whole idea of a mattress cleaning company in the Niagara Region, or anywhere else has wasted your time and money, because sanitizing your mattress has just been eliminated. The top of your mattress may be clean, but underneath a host of bacteria is rapidly growing, and mildew spores are harmful to anyone breathing them in.

So, you may say, "How does your mattress cleaning company Niagara Kwik Dry differ?"  First of all, we use gallons of less water to start with. Our oxygenated citrus cleaner is engineered to lift stains and moisture upwards rather than be pushed downward, where the excellent extraction tool sucks it up. Any solution left is constantly rising upward and evaporating until the mattress is dry.  The stains quickly disappear as well as the moisture, ergo the name "Kwik Dry".

Some people do not realize that their mattress even needs to be cleaned. They figure that a sheet is on top of it all of the time, so it never gets dirty. But, do you realize that skin cells and dust mite remains can filter through those sheets and into the mattress. Dust mite body parts and fece remains cause allergies and asthma, especially in infants.

The main reason that customers call our carpet cleaning company that also cleans mattresses is because some pet or person has urinated, defecated, or thrown up on the mattress, and the poor customer needs the stains and smell to go away.  Niagara Kwik Dry to the rescue! Our mattress cleaning company has a special enzyme product that eats protein. As long as the material is wet, the bacteria is eating the protein. This bacterial enzyme smells great as well. Coupled with the oxygenated citrus cleaner Niagara Kwik Dry mattress cleaners are expert pet stain removal agents.

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